Affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Anantapur (JNTUA)
Accorded 2 (f) & 12 (B) status by UGC
NBA (UG) and NAAC Accredited Institution

Library & e-library

Library & e-library


The library and e-library of Raghavendra Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (RIPER) to provide a rich collection text books, reference books, national and international journals, magazines, pharmacopoeias, CD-ROM’s, research and review reports and online databases.

Library committee

S. No. Name & Designation Contact Number E mail Id
1. Dr. Y. Padmanabha Reddy (Chairman) +91-9848543932 ypreddyatp@rediffmail.com
2. Dr. J. Ravindra Reddy (Co-Chairman) +91-9848543933 riperravi1969@gmail.com
3. Chief. Librarian (Functional head)
4. Asst. Librarian
5. All HODs of RIPER


 Frequency of Meeting:

Whenever it is required once the need is arise as well as at the beginning of each semester.

Information sources in library

S. No. Resource name Quantity available
1. Total number of Titles 1499
2. Total number of Volumes 11427
3. National Journals 41
4. International Journals 19
5. Online Resources 92
6. Total number of Dissertation Reports 1548


Rules and Regulations

  1. On entry in to the Library and e-library, the Staff and/or Students should enter up the required information in the library register.
  2. Readers shall maintain strict silence and discipline in the library premises.
  3. The usage of Cell Phone & other noisy devices are strictly restricted in the library room.
  4. Only the staff and students of the institute are allowed to use the library services.
  5. Outsiders should get Principal’s permission to use Library facilities.
  6. Students are required to produce Identity Card issued by the institute, on demand.
  7. Readers are not allowed to bring personal books and other personal belongings like, bags, umbrellas etc., into the library. These materials are to be kept in the rack inside the library on their own responsibility.
  8. Readers shall not write in or mark or otherwise disfigure / damage books; furniture etc., In case of such damage, three times cost of the article shall be paid by the users or the article shall be replaced by the user.

Library Timings

Monday to Saturday: 08.00 AM to 8.00 PM

Sundays: 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM